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Quad9 partners with a large number of threat intelligence sources who provide us with up-to-the-minute data about domains that pose a threat because of malware, phishing, botnets, or other malicious activities. These providers supply Quad9 with this critical intelligence in order to help us protect end users. In return, they may receive volumetric information about the quantities and rough geography of the threats, which allows them to understand the nature and behavior of malicious domains. This symbiotic partnership improves the security of the Quad9 user community, their own customer community, and the Internet as a whole.

Quad9 uses vetted open-source threat data as well as donated information from commercial sources. We are deeply grateful to our partners for making these resources available to us, and their efforts in identifying threats are what make Quad9 an effective solution.

Some of our partners in sensitive industries such as finance or healthcare may not be visible on the list below, but Quad9 will always identify the source of a block if the domain is supplied to our query tool.

If your threat intelligence organization is interested in partnering with Quad9 to exchange threat data or if you believe that there is a threat source that Quad9 should consider including, please contact us.

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