▸ Privacy, Equity, and Human Rights Council

The Privacy Equity and Human Rights (PEHR) council is made up of an array of experts in their fields, and we appreciate the diverse points of view their differing backgrounds provide.

John Todd – General Manager of Quad9

photo of John Todd

John is the General Manager of Quad9 and has been involved with internet infrastructure and the DNS for nearly 30 years.

Mallory Knodel – chair

photo of Mallory Knodel

Mallory is the Chief Technologist at the Center for Democracy and Technology in Washington, DC where she works to bring human rights considerations into internet standards and emerging technologies.

Bob Ochieng

photo of Bob Ochieng

Bob is based in Nairobi and is the senior director for new gTLD Program; Next Round at ICANN where he supports the Implementation of the new top-level domains , Next Round Program to introduce new top-level domains in multiple languages and scripts into the the Domain Name System.

Pablo Hinojosa

photo of Pablo Hinojosa

Pablo is the Senior Director of Engagement at APNIC in Australia where he manages external relationships of the organisation, particularly with governments and key intergovernmental organisations in a senior diplomatic capacity.

Tara Tarakiyee

photo of Tara Tarakiyee

Tara is a Technologist at the Sovereign Tech Fund in Germany, working on strengthening open source digital infrastructure in the public interest.

Serge Droz

photo of

Dr Droz is a senior adviser for the Swiss ministry of foreign affairs and is a member of the board of directors of FIRST (Forum for Incident Response and Security Teams).

Lars Eggert

photo of Serge Droz

Dr Eggert is a senior principal software engineer for networking, security and privacy at Mozilla, and a past chair of the Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF) based near Helsinki.

Seeta Peña Gangadharan

photo of Seeta Peña Gangadharan

Dr Gangadharan is an associate professor in the Department of Media and Communications at the London School of Economics and Political Science and is well known for her work on inclusion, exclusion, and marginalization, as well as questions around democracy, social justice, and technological governance.

Lai Yi Ohlsen

photo of Lai Yi Ohlsen

Lai Yi is the Research and Data Lead at Measurement Lab and a part-time lecturer at The New School. Her creative and research practice considers the evolution of the Internet and its associated infrastructures. She is based in New York.

Urvashi Aneja

photo of Urvashi Aneja

Dr Aneja is the founder and director of the Digital Futures Lab in India. She focuses on the ethics and governance of artificial intelligence.

Shane Kerr

photo of Shane Kerr

Shane is a DNS software engineer working at IBM. He is based in Amsterdam.